Abydon must burn

The Prologue
Jumping point questions

The Massacre
The Void, god emperor used many tools in his hunt for the profisised babies.
h1. 1: What method did the god emperor use to attempt to eradicate you?
A: Put to the Sword
B: Precise Assasin
C: Tearable magics
D: other
h1. 2: You Survived the slaughter! How?
A: Fled or hidden
B: Sympathetic Enemy
C: Lost in the cracks
D: Other
h1. As a child you were…
A: a street urchen
B: A farm child
C: A nobles ward
D: Other
h1. As a youth you spent your time
A: as an aprentace
B: as a squire
C: as a student
D: in trouble
E: Other
h1. You have been sentanced to hard labor until your death for crimes against the state. What are you accused of?


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